How it all began

The Scottish-Finnish Society has its roots back in the mid-1970s and Finland’s political situation. To make the country more accessible to the non-Soviet world, the Finnish government introduced the idea of setting up “friendship societies” in other countries. At that time, the United Kingdom did have a Finnish embassy, but nothing specific to Scotland – so a new consular office was set up in Edinburgh to rectify this, much to the delight of the 100 or so Finns who were then living in Scotland. The Scottish-Finnish Society was born out of this, and some of its founder members are still involved some 40 years later.

The Society today

Although there are many aspects of the Scottish-Finnish Society that would be unrecognisable to the founding members back then, like our social media presence, we remain committed to our core activities and principles:

  • Serving as a meeting point for Finns in Scotland and anyone else with an interest in Finland
  • Providing information to members about activities and events relating to Finland and Finnish culture within Scotland, through various forms of media
  • Promoting Finland and Finnish culture within Scotland
  • Maintaining links with other organisations with an interest in Finland, such as Finn-Guild and the UK Finnish Embassy

New members

New members are always warmly welcomed! If you’d like to join the Society, you can find out how to do so here.